Multiple Column Cells Concatenation

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James Collings Support Agent
1 year ago
James Collings Support Agent
2 years ago

Sorry i am not to much help when it comes to using google drive, the only integration that the plugin has is that id can download the exported csv file from a google sheet, and i havent really used google drive any further than that. The assets on google sheets such as images are normally a url to a file either on a server somewhere, The images dont have to be hosted on google drive,


Luke Hartman
2 years ago

Great, thanks, I totally didn't think of that. Very good point.

I went ahead and created the proper direct image URLs based on this video
. Here's an example
image URL (directly from the spreadsheet/CSV):

But still, the images are not uploading to the Custom Post types on import.

Instead, if I visit the imported post, click "Add featured image" and copy
the URL from the WordPress media uploader I get this:

[image: Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 6.24.27 AM.png]

And if I click "here" it takes me to the image:

[image: Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 6.24.38 AM.png]

With this URL:*/1GphbSUZ4DPqG0fKSBfQxoO5tTRWf5dg8

Maybe we just have to use that URL in the Google Sheet/CSV for each image?

Thanks again for your help,

James Collings Support Agent
2 years ago

Hi Luke, 

Thanks for sending over all this information, i will read throught it and process it later, Just had a quick read through it just now and looked at the csv file, it looks like the image url that you have put in it links to a webpage with the image on it and not the actuall image url


Raw Image:


Luke Hartman
2 years ago

Oh, and this is the History Report:

Thanks again!

Luke Hartman
2 years ago

Hi James, hope you had a good weekend!

We were able to transpose all the data on our sheets thanks to Macros! Huge
help :)

On import, everything went great! Except for the image URL. And we set the
Google Docs folder to "publicly available" as you suggested.

Here are my settings in the importer:

[image: Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 9.47.08 AM.png]

And my settings reflected in my Google Sheet:

[image: Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 9.47.15 AM.png]

And my Google Doc's sharing settings:

[image: Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 9.51.10 AM.png]

After import when I click on the "Featured Image" box in the post it shows
a strange URL:

[image: Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 9.44.39 AM.png]

I also attached the CSV file for you as well.

Maybe you know why it's not working?

Thanks again!

James Collings Support Agent
2 years ago

In the images column if you put the url of an image you would like to use, if you want to import multiple seperate them by a comma, also make sure the image url are publically visible as they need to be downloaded.

The custom script method depends on what your final data sheet is like.

Luke Hartman
2 years ago

Yes, that would be great, thank you for sending. Since we have so many
titles it would be a cumbersome task to manually transpose

the link cells. You mentioned a custom script, and I think that is the
right idea. If you are aware of any great resources for this please let me
I will talk with the team about the possible solutions.

I am still curious about the featured artwork/attachment, can we simply
insert the link into a column and it will be populated on WordPress? Or
should we drop the actual image into the cell?

Please let me know about the custom script and images.

Thanks so much, James, I'm feeling good about this!

James Collings Support Agent commented privately
Luke Hartman commented privately
James Collings Support Agent
2 years ago

Hi Luke

The way this csv importer works is that it reads the file line by line, each line is a new record, each column has a single heading, your csv file has been created with what you called vertical cells.

Sorry but i cant see a way to map the data, even the headings don't match up (e.g. Trailer Link Embed Youtube Link vs Trailer Link Embedded Youtube Link ), if you could send me a public link to the csv file i could have a look at the while file and see if it would be possible to pre process the file into a different structure that could be read as mentioned above..


Luke Hartman
2 years ago

Hi, James,

We had a great turnout with your plugin! A little configuration on our end and we'll be good as gold! 

I did want to ask you about some cells on our Google Sheet for CSV export. . .

  1. We have rows that include several vertical cells that need to be included in the entry(screenshot). Is there any possible way to set up your (excellent) plugin settings to include these? And possibly correlating to their site origin (YouTube, Amazon etc.).
  2. We have images per entry on my Google Drive, is there a way to include each per row? A simple link per row or does the image have to be in the cell? Maybe something else?

I tried to go over the documentation on both notes but I was a bit unclear the proper action to take :)

I think that's it! Very excited!

Thanks for your help :)