ACF Image Field URL Import Issue

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marshall staab
1 year ago

Hi James,

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll give that a shot and let you know how it goes. 

James Collings Support Agent
1 year ago

Hi Marshall,

Thank you for sending on the screenshots they are very helpful, i can see from these that you are entering the ID of the image from the old website, but the importer needs a url or link to the attachment file, Once the importer gets the attachment url it can then download it (the base url is not needed in your case).

In your case since you have imported the media from the old to new website, can you confirm that the media has the same ID as old? if so this means on the importer you can change the contact form image field from type attachment to type text, and import directly the attachment id, this should link up the fields.


marshall staab
1 year ago


I'm in the process of migrating (exporting and importing) a handful of custom post types (CPT) and ACF Field groups into a new WordPress environment. 


  1. problems populating the CPT edit view's image type fields (see image attachments)
  2. not sure what my base URL needs to be when using the ID return value (see question 1)


  1. Do I need to write a preprocessor before importing to write the correct URL structure.
  2. The _contact_image field, on the CPT's edit view, should populate with the correct URL structure? (see image attachment: ACF-Contact-Image-Field.png)

Additional Details:

  1. Exported / Imported old media library to new WordPress environment
  2. Exported / Imported old ACF Field Group JSON files
  3. Exported / Imported old Custom Post Type - no issues populating the edit view text fields

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide and let me know if you have questions.