Variable Product Import

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Christiaan Tredoux
7 months ago

Great  Thanks I will run today and keep posted

James Collings Support Agent commented privately
Christiaan Tredoux
8 months ago

Hi James 

Im trying to achieve the following, with the following with the phone covers and other product is that when a client selected brand cover and cover type then with a drop down " Variable" the device type E.g. IIphone 8, Samsung A30, and then colours 

For example the Brand  Body Glove can have 2 type of cases Lux Case and Basic Case


Attached is the basic information 

James Collings Support Agent
8 months ago

Hi Christiaan,

Do you have an example data set for importing a variable product and all of its variations?


Christiaan Tredoux
8 months ago

Good Day 

We want to import mobile cover 

How do we import variable product e.g. colour, Device Model, Brand 

Kind Regards