Gallery import with an alt information per image

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Tilo Pätzold
7 months ago

Hi James,

sorry for answering so late. I am using your importer for a side project of mine. 

Thank you very much for your support. The multiple alt text for a bunch of images worked like a charm. 

Your tool saved me almost 5 days of work. 


James Collings Support Agent commented privately
James Collings Support Agent
8 months ago

Hi Tilo,

What do you mean by image comments, is this the same as meta data, such as image title, caption, alt, and description text?


Tilo Pätzold
8 months ago

Hi there,

I have already successfully imported a bunch of items with a gallery field with comma separated filenames in it.

Now I want to import the image comments for each of the images inside a gallery.

Do you support this and which format do I have to use? A second comma separated field or a more complex format in one field...

I would appretiate if there would be a full documentation which describes the full format for each supported type or an example which covers all types. 

Thank you.