How can I import a CSV with fields containing multiple values ?

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Claudiu Nistor
1 year ago

From what I noticed so far, the plugin saved the data of each offer in the dbprefix_cegg_product table and now after I did the import I checked and the table is empty, instead, I noticed that it saves the information in dbprefix_post_meta with meta_key _cegg_data_Offer ... the problem is that we will have very many products and the initial version in which he used a separate table for offers was a more optimal one and helped us to load the site more quickly. Can you make the settings to use that table again ? thanks

Claudiu Nistor
1 year ago

Ok, what I need to tell him? What they need increse? 

Christophe Rastoin
1 year ago

Hi again James,

Another post, more urgent than the first one...

I need to import a very basic JetEngine custom post type made of its title and 3 fields that are related to other 3 other CPT.

The import is a "keyword" and it is related to various custom posts belonging to the 3 CPT, so each of the 3 fields can contain several posts IDs. 

In my CSV (attached) you can see that I used only one delimiter (comma) between the actual fields and the multiple values inside them, but it seems that the csv is well read, as each field is correctly contained in quotes, like that : 


I tried twice, with 2 "internal" delimiters: comma and pipe.

The result is that only the first item is displayed in the back-office, and all of them are displayed on the front end.

I hope I'm explaining myself correctly...

In can send you credentials in private message if needed

Thanks a lot :)