Not importing some records.

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James Collings Support Agent
11 months ago

Hi Bill,

if you have cleared up your dataset before importing and you are getting the message "Not enough permissions to update record." , this suggests that your import file has multiple records that have the same identifier which is why it will be trying to update and not insert that record because.

Does your csv/xml file have a uniqie identifier per row/record? by default the importer uses: slug or the post title depending on which one is set, you can change this to a specific field if need be.


Bill Jensen
11 months ago

I had a partial import done for testing. I removed all of these and tried to import the entire dataset. However about 600 of the 3500 records did not import. The messages I say "Not enough permissions to update record.". I enabled "Create" but not "Update" or "delete."  The table is presumably empty so why wouldn't these records be added?