Mapping CSV Data to Custom Fields

ImportWP Pro - WordPress XML & CSV Importer ImportWP Pro - WordPress XML & CSV Importer October 29, 2021
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Carl Severance
9 months ago

Hi, James. Thanks for responding. Here's what I discovered about using ImportWP PRO with the Toolset Types plugin.

My custom field names need to be prepended with wpcf- , so for example, a custom field named "location" has to be entered as "wpcf-location". During the ImportWP PRO setup, I had to Enable Text Field and enter these names manually since they did not appear in the dropdown.

One thing that confused me was that the ImportWP PRO setup interface made it look like I would be creating a new field/row instead of posting to an existing custom field. Perhaps this could be clarified with a tooltip, or some other text that says "Add row or post to an existing row".

James Collings Support Agent
9 months ago


I have not written an integration for that plugin (without this you would need to know the names of the custom fields that are saved, however if you create an empty post for your custom post type and fill out all the custom fields, once saved if you go back to the importer the list of raw fields should update and show a list of all saved custom fields).

I will have a look into this plugin an see what can be done to integrate and display registered custom fields, what custom field types have you used so that i can focus on these and get you a working prototype out quicker.


Carl Severance
9 months ago

I used the Toolset Types plugin to create a custom post type and custom fields. When I import my CSV data using ImportWP Pro I see the Record CSV Preview on the File Settings step and everything looks good. On the Template Fields tab I don't see any way to map my CSV data to the custom fields I created. How do I specify that the imported data goes to the custom post type that I created? The Custom Fields sections asks for Name, Value, and Field Type. On the Name field, there are only two choices ("Raw Field: _wpv_contains_gutenberg_views" or "Raw Field: _edit_lock"). I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.