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James Collings Support Agent
4 months ago

If you do not have any server logs, are you able to go into tools > Import WP > Settings / Tools Tab > Enable Debug Mode.

Then the next time you run the importer (manual or via cron) it will write a log, which can be viewed from the Importers > Edit importer screen, at the bottom of the page there should be a "Show debug" link at the bottom right, click this to open up a debug panel, and right click and save as the download link next to import logs, and attach to this ticket.

This might allow us to understand what is going on with your server.

Charles Dehongher
4 months ago

Sure , there is


### WordPress Environment ###

WordPress address (URL):

Site address (URL):

WC Version: 6.3.1

REST API Version: ✔ 6.3.1

WC Blocks Version: ✔ 6.9.0

Action Scheduler Version: ✔ 3.4.0

WC Admin Version: ✔ 3.2.1

Log Directory Writable: ✔

WP Version: 5.9.3

WP Multisite: –

WP Memory Limit: 512 Mo

WP Debug Mode: –

WP Cron: ✔

Language: fr_FR

External object cache: ✔

### Server Environment ###

Server Info: LiteSpeed

PHP Version: 7.4.26

PHP Post Max Size: 80 Mo

PHP Time Limit: 480

PHP Max Input Vars: 10000

cURL Version: 7.29.0


SUHOSIN Installed: –

MySQL Version: 5.5.5-10.4.22-MariaDB

Max Upload Size: 80 Mo

Default Timezone is UTC: ✔

fsockopen/cURL: ✔

SoapClient: ✔

DOMDocument: ✔

GZip: ✔

Multibyte String: ✔

Remote Post: ✔

Remote Get: ✔

### Active Plugins (39) ###

Admin Menu Editor: par Janis Elsts – 1.10

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels: par BeRocket –

FiboSearch - AJAX Search for WooCommerce: par FiboSearch Team – 1.17.0

Alma - 2x 3x 4x, J+15 ou J+30 pour WooCommerce — Paiement en plusieurs fois et différé: par Alma – 2.4.1

Axepta Online BNP Paribas: par Quadra Informatique – 2.0.17

Boxtal Connect: par API Boxtal – 1.2.12

Child Themify: par John P. Bloch – 2.0.1

Admin Columns: par – 4.4.5

Contact Form 7 Image CAPTCHA: par KC Computing – 3.2.5

Contact Form 7: par Takayuki Miyoshi – 5.5.6

Custom Taxonomy Order: par Marcel Pol – 3.4.0

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce: par CusRev – 4.38

ELEX WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes (Basic): par ELEXtensions – 1.2.3

Facebook for WooCommerce: par Facebook – 2.6.12

Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer: par Kadence WP – 1.4.10

LiteSpeed Cache: par Technologies LiteSpeed – 4.6

Loco Translate: par Tim Whitlock – 2.6.1

Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA (Google): par Robert Peake and Contributors – 1.6.11

Manage Notification E-mails: par Virgial Berveling – 1.8.2

Perfect Brands for WooCommerce: par QuadLayers – 2.0.7

Post SMTP: par Post SMTP – 2.0.25

Really Simple SSL: par Really Simple Plugins – 5.3.1

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Smart Slider 3: par Nextend –

Smartsupp Live Chat: par Smartsupp – 3.6

Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce: par – 11.5.1

Woocommerce Add-to-Cart Custom Redirect: par Ren Ventura – 1.2.9

Advanced AJAX Product Filters for WooCommerce: par BeRocket –

WooCommerce Composite Products: par WooCommerce – 8.3.6 (une mise à jour de la version 8.4.1 est disponible)

DPD France: par DPD France S.A.S. – 5.3

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WooCommerce Product Add-ons: par WooCommerce – 4.8.1

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Yoast SEO: par L’équipe Yoast – 18.5.1

Asset CleanUp : Page Speed Booster: par Gabe Livan –

WP Bottom Menu: par J4 – 1.4.3

WP Control: par John Blackbourn & contributeurs – 1.12.0

Widgets d'avis Google: par – 8.2.2

WPC Share Cart for WooCommerce: par WPClever – 1.1.4

### Inactive Plugins (21) ###

Copy Or Move Comments: par biztechc – 5.0.2

Duplicate Menu: par Jonathan Christopher – 0.2.2

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Pagination Styler for WooCommerce: par BeRocket –

Query Monitor: par John Blackbourn – 3.8.2

Stock Locations for WooCommerce: par Fahad Mahmood & Alexandre Faustino – 1.8.4

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce: par Maxman1850 – 1.6.6

Utrust for WooCommerce: par Utrust team – 1.0.13

WooCommerce Customizer: par SkyVerge – 2.7.6

WooCommerce Grid/List View: par BeRocket –

Woocommerce Product Builder Premium: par VillaTheme – 2.1.1

WP-PageNavi: par Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan – 2.94.0

WP Ultimate CSV Importer: par Smackcoders – 6.4.4

WP Ultimate Exporter: par Smackcoders – 1.7.1

### Dropin Plugins (2) ###

advanced-cache.php: advanced-cache.php

object-cache.php: object-cache.php

### Settings ###

API Enabled: ✔

Force SSL: ✔

Currency: EUR (€)

Currency Position: right_space

Thousand Separator:

Decimal Separator: ,

Number of Decimals: 0

Taxonomies: Product Types: composite (composite)

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Taxonomies: Product Visibility: exclude-from-catalog (exclude-from-catalog)

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Connected to ✔

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Base de la boutique: #10 - /

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Mon compte: #13 - /my-account/

Conditions générales de vente et d’utilisation: #1152 - /c-g-v/

### Theme ###

Name: Divichild1

Version: 1.0

Author URL:

Child Theme: ✔

Parent Theme Name: Divi

Parent Theme Version: 4.16.0

Parent Theme Author URL:

WooCommerce Support: ✔

### Templates ###

Overrides: –

### Composite Products ###

Database Version: 8.3.6

Loopback Test: ✔

Template Overrides: –

### Action Scheduler ###

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### Status report information ###

Generated at: 2022-04-09 17:03:33 +01:00

James Collings Support Agent
4 months ago

Can you send a copy of your WordPress site health?

Charles Dehongher
4 months ago

Hi James , record is around 4000 lines ;

Cron was setup to use the task sheduler , i could isee in your plugin 'next import in 800s' ..

Unfortunately i dont have logs

I tryed  manually and it crashed again

Yes I have cloudflare dns , my server is a cyberpanel vps

James Collings Support Agent
4 months ago


That does not sound good with your hosting timing out.

The plugin has been built to have low cpu and memory usage so these should not be an issue, Out of curiosity how big/number or records does the file have you are importing?

Can you confirm if your cron was setup to use the task scheduler, or was it using the default wordpress cron that runs when a page is loaded ?

Are there any error logs on your server?

When you tried to run the import again was it via manually running it?

the 542 error suggests that you have cloudflare running infront of your server, and it could not handle the connection / timeout, is your server a vps or shared hosting server?

Charles Dehongher
4 months ago

Hello , bad news this morning
During import , the website became unaccessible for hours . this morning i had to restart manually the vps from the host.
After checking logs , cpu never go over 50%,
I tryed to run import again , all goes well until 524 timeout error , and then nothing , have to restart hole server
I loose a night of traffic
I have to distable the plugin

James Collings Support Agent
4 months ago

If you have your wordpress cron setup to run via a task scheduler then it should be no issue:

Charles Dehongher
4 months ago

Thanks , all working now .

One other product with same sku was in trash can, deleting it solve the issue.
Are you positive that every hour , the plugin will fetch the a new csv , not always using the same ?( i set up for every hour )

Thanks again

James Collings Support Agent
4 months ago

Hi Charles,

2.jpg this suggests that you have two products that share the same sku which is not allowed in woocommerce and why the importer has failed, if you can look at both products and see which one has the wrong sku and update it to be correct, then when the importer is next run this error should not appear.

Charles Dehongher
4 months ago
I'm sure you see this problem before 
Charles Dehongher
4 months ago

Hello James , thanks for your support

I did as you said and I have an error with sku , 
Seems like "ID" is used (nomber woocommerce create when you add a new item ) instead of "UGS" ( barecode i add manually )

James Collings Support Agent
4 months ago

Hi Charles,

Just to keep everything together:

Copying from the email chain, for future reference about the timeout issue, it is solved changing default wordpress curl timeout by adding the following snippet to your theme: 

Also in your last email you sent along with the 2 attached files:

the snipped worked but i can’t get the plugin to work .
Usecase : update stock from csv
Please see files attached.

Based on what i can see in your screenshots it looks like you are trying to update a stock for woocommerce products, is this correct?

If you are, can you please install the addon.

New Importer

Once installed you need to create a new importer and select the WooCommerce products template on the new importer screen.

Edit Fields

This will then add extra woocommerce fields, where you can set the stock and sku fields, under the inventory section, enabling the stock fields via the "Enable fields" button.

Setting the managed stock field to "yes" , stock quantity field to your {7} value

Permissions Step

Disable create and remove permissions, enabling update permission, setting the import to only the following fields. and setting the fields text area value to


With all these set, limit the importer to 1 record and test if the import succeeded. 

James Collings Support Agent
4 months ago
Thanks for creating a ticket! We'll get back to you as soon as we are back from vacation.
Charles Dehongher
4 months ago
Hello , 

Distant server take ~60 secondes to generate and send CSV file .
I can't import because timeout error 

I made changes to php.inin to be sure it wasn't a limitation from my server , seems like it's not

Do you have any solution ? I contacted you last week by email but no answers ..