"Attached to" of media files

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Rafael Tasca
1 month ago

Oh i see. Thank you!

James Collings Support Agent
1 month ago


Sorry this is not possible with import wp because the media file is manually uploaded to the media library. if this is something that you need, you would need to upload the attachments directly to your server in a folder outside of wordpress, allowing the importer to import the attachment which will create the correct link.


Rafael Tasca
1 month ago


Is there a way to use ImprtWP to set the property "attached to" of media files?

When we normally upload a media file to a post it gets linked to the post and it appers in Media Library.

But as I need to upload my files to library before using the importer to attach each file to the posts getting imported, all the files remain Unattached.

As I'm setting one image to be the featured image of the post in my spreadsheet, I would like it to be 'attached to' it, is that possible?

Thank you!