Error Importing Category Correctly

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Rafael Tasca
2 months ago

Ok, I solved.

I tried something simple: just changed in the importer to name it "Anel de Grau" and it worked.

When I created the importers I just used the slugs but now it looks like it works with the name of the category.

Rafael Tasca
2 months ago


I'm struggling to solve an error. I have an Importer configured and it was working correctly but now when I run it, it fails to set correctly the category of the posts. The log say it imported successfully but when I check at all the posts and categories something went wrong.

I have a category "Anel de Grau" (slug "anel-de-grau") and when I run the importer to create or update posts, it puts every post in a new category named "anel-de-grau" (slug "anel-de-grau-2").

I tried doing this: I deleted my original category "Anel de Grau" and the other it created and runned the importer. The posts got imported to a category created with the name "anel-de-grau" and slug "anel-de-grau". Then I renamed it to "Anel de Grau" and runned the Importer again, so it created a new category named "anel-de-grau" (slug "anel-de-grau-2"). Then I did it again and I ended up with the slug "anel-de-grau-3".

So it looks like it tries to create a category named "anel-de-grau" but the slug already is taken so it creates a new one called anel-de-grau-2 and so on.

My other importers are working correctly so I tried a lot of modifications and couldn't find out what could be wrong. I appreciate if you have any suggestions.

Thank you.