URGENT! Product images, Brands, & Categories don't import via xml feed

ImportWP Pro - WordPress XML & CSV Importer ImportWP Pro - WordPress XML & CSV Importer May 23, 2022
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James Collings Support Agent
2 months ago


Running your import caused an initial error due to an empty file being added to Product Downloads, i have updated and attached a modified version of importwp-woocommerce addon to skip empty product download file urls, this modification will be available in the next release.

With that error removed, i can see that you have set the repeater node for most sections, based on the xml schema this is not needed and will cause issues when importing. (screenshot attached)

Finally i removed the Product Brand attribute added via the Taxonomies section, and instead added it under the "Product Attributes" section (screenshot attached)

Muhammad Saloojee commented privately
James Collings Support Agent
2 months ago

Hi Muhammad Saloojee,

Can you please attach a screenshot of how you have configured product images, brand and categories along with any information such as your xml structure or a copy of your xml file.

Are you able to export your importer via Tools > Import WP > Settings / Tools > Import / Export and attach the file.


Muhammad Saloojee
2 months ago

Product images, brands, categories don't import via xml.

I am however able to display them as html in the product descriptions.