Posts imported to wrong author

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Rafael Tasca
2 days ago

But is that a way I could set in the Importer the Author field to get the admin that is importing as its author?

I've tried but couldn't find a way.

James Collings Support Agent
4 days ago

If you have not enabled the post author field, the post will be inserted with deafult wordpress option.

If it is not importing the author correctly i would recommend enabling and setting the post author field on the importer.

Rafael Tasca
4 days ago


I noticed other admin used the ImporterWP and the Posts it imported got a wrong author (me). Usually when an admin uses the ImportWP the Posts get this admin as its author, as I could observe so far.

I couldn't find out any error on this Importer. I check at "3. Template Fields" and Posts Fields has only 'Title' enabled, no other fields like 'Author' are enabled.

We don't share login and we are not working at the same place so it is not this case too.

Do you have any suggestion what could cause something like this?

Thank you.